Applying base color to study maquette
Maquette with two-toned finish
Triangular "fractal" component production
The joy of edge detailing
Welding up "fractal" pairs
Fitting up the base "fractals"
Stiffening gussets installed underneath to prevent base "fractals" from spreading
Ready to start weld-up of "fractal" tendrils
Tack-welding fractals into "quads"
150lbs tack-welded, only 60lbs to go...
The first six interior welds...hard to get to and working in an oven
Sculpture 75% assembled; time to select a color
Blocking the last of the fractals into place for tack welding
Setting up to climb inside and make the tack welds on the final set of fractals
All tack welded together and upright again
On the hook and back up on the table for finish welding
All trussed up for the trip to the powder coater
Powder-coated base color
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