Detail of crossings - scroll to bottom of page to begin fabrication process
Front view of sculpture prior to break-down and full weld-up of seams
Detail of anchor plate
Wedge shoes tacked into place to receive bolts attaching the central upright to the cross members
Sculpture erected on mounting cradle in order to machine connections and build anchor plates
Mounting cradle fabricated to emulate footing anchor bolt layout and their respective elevations
Tack welded tubing ready for set-up and joinery machining
Corner to corner clamp-up  of tubing
Adjusting the crossing position upward on mock-up (after extending all elements 2' for a more appropriate scale) in studio to improve the proportions above crossing
Two "angles" dry-fitted together to be tacked into tubing and then skip welded together; only about 1/8" deflection over 12'
Tacking every 2" to maintain flat planes and minimize any heat distortion
Fabricating my own square tubing in order to control corner radii
Mock-up in studio for joinery layout
Full scale mock-up to be used for final siting and orientation
Digital composite of maquette into installation site
Study maquette on 3:1 sloped base emulating installation site
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