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The complete assembly ready to weather over the winter
Assembling the top tier on the floor - nice to finally get off the ladder
Forth tier shimmed and clamped into place
Four tiers fitted up - only one to go
Mortise lining tacked into place and ready for weld-up
Aligning first tenon in over-sized mortise cutout
Dry fitting first tier components on sculpture base
Confirming the awn tenon fit with mortises
Roughing out mortises
Transferring awn penetration points to subsequent awn element in order to cut a trapezoidal, tapered mortise
View from top of work towards it's eventual base
Awn elements laid out on full-scale drawing
tack-welding sides to shield element
Shield element sides formed, scribed, and cut out
Installing gussets
Assembling bottom shield element
Bottom shield element front and back ready for assembly
Bottom two awn elements with sides tacked and awaiting their tops and bottoms
Top three awn elements on full-scale pattern drawing
Tacking together the front and back panels of an awn element
Rolling panels into eliptical forms
Initial front elevation drawing for Phytebral
Initial side elevation drawing for Phytebral
Initial back elevation drawing for Phytebral
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